5th International East meets West Conference, Vienna

On Friday, June 14th 2019, the 5th International East meets West Conference took place in Vienna, Austria, at the stylish SO/ Vienna.

It was again a memorable experience! The contribution of speakers and participants confirmed once again that it is all about people. Throughout the day we brought together 130 guests from 28 countries, our largest ever audience, the location was impressive, the agenda rich but it was the participants who made the conference a real success! LGBTI business again made it dominantly on the stage, as it is our strategy how to create positive public awareness of the LGBTI Community across Eastern and Western Europe. LGBTI Small Businesses / Entrepreneurs, Business leaders, NGOs and policy makers presented their views and actions in the field of LGBT Business.

Conference Presentations & Photos

Presentations from the Conference

2019 EmW Conference Agenda
2019 EmW Conference - Speakers and their Profiles
2019 EmW Conference - List of All Registered Guests
2019 EmW Conference - Main Stage Slides
VecizVeci by Laco Hudec Subrt
Look from 'Germany' by Fabienne Stordiau
Look from 'Armenia' by Mamikon Hovsepyan
Look from 'Germany' by Alf Kjeller
Look from 'North Macedonia' by Stefan Petrovski
Underepresented Minorities in Business Environment by Mayank Shah, MSDUK
The Heterosexual Conspiracy by Ralph de Chabert, Brown Forman
Channels of Influence by Jon Miller, Open for Business
LGBTI ERGs by Deb Bubb, IBM
LGBTI ERGs by Alex Nusselt, Siemens
LGBTI ERGs by Melinda Miklos, We Are Open
LGBTI ERGs by Martin Mesenhuber, Raiffeisen Bank International
LGBTI NGOs by Czeslaw Walek, Prague Pride & Jsme Fer
LGBTI NGOs by Dragana Todorovic, ERA
LGBTI NGOs by Yves Aerts, çavaria
LGBTI NGOs by Simeon Vasilev, GLAS Foundation
But It Takes 2 To Tango by Peter Zerp, Accenture
But It Takes 2 To Tango by Armin Kohlberger Fitness
But It Takes 2 To Tango by Iago Romero, Urban Data Eye
But It Takes 2 To Tango by Tamara LIttleton, The Social Element

Photos online on East meet West Flickr

2019 East meets West Conference, Vienna


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