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About East meets West Business

Founded in Vienna, Austria in 2013, East meets West (EMW) is a network of LGBTI professionals from Western & mainly Eastern Europe, allowing the exchange of ideas, share best practices and get mutual inspiration to improve the situation of LGBTI men and women in the different countries. EMW Business pushes the development of local LGBTI business by driving initiatives and offering services:

The Services
  • Business Feasibility checks
  • Connections to finance
  • Depository of business examples
Key Focus
  • A major EMW focus is the introduction in our region and the LGBTI network of the relatively unknown concept of Supplier Diversity

The East meets West Conferences

The next International Conference takes place ONLINE on Friday, June 12. The world around us is constantly changing and asking from all of us flexibility in thinking and finding new ways to progress the LGBTI community. From governments and officials we see the support towards the work of the many NGO’s gradually decreasing. On the other hand, we have become aware of the potential of the changed perception of the Corporate Social Responsibility. This truly has a positive impact on the LGBTI community, including LGBTI businesses. Does it mean we have to change sides, abandon the social action and turn fully towards business? Not at all! East meets West believes that connecting the 2 dots, social action and a business focus, will boost our efforts in such a way that 1 + 1 = 3! In our Conference we will show how to connect the dots and boost the results of your efforts. The motto „Connecting the Dots“ have under current circumstances a further meaning. By running an online conference we connect people across Europe or even beyond, also overseas representatives.

June 12, 2020

The Co-founders of East Meets West

Ludo Swinnen

Ludo Swinnen is a Flemish Belgian, born in 1956 near Antwerp. He holds a Law Degree from the University of Leuven (BE) and an EMBA in Finance from the University of New York. After building up his professional career in the insurance business in Belgium, he left in 1998 his home country to become active in the financial world in CZ, SK, RO and Germany, to finally arrive in Vienna, Austria and work there for an international Austrian banking group. He is member of agpro (Austrian Gay Professionals) and Auditor for EGMA (EU). Ludo lives with his partner Yves in Vienna and Nice.

Pavel Šubrt

Pavel, born in 1977 in The Czech Republic, holds a Business degree from the Anglo-American University (AAU) of Prague. His career in financial industry began in the Czech Republic. In 2004, he joined an international bank and through various OPS/IT positions he gained an extensive knowledge of Contact Centers in Central and Eastern Europe. He recently joined the fascinating area of Digital Banking. Pavel lives with his husband Laco in Vienna and in Prague.

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East meets West Forum (EMW) - Gemeinnütziger Verein zur Förderung von Micro LGBT Geschäftsinitiativen in Österreich und Zentral- und Osteuropa. ZVR-Zahl: 231608652 (Landespolizeidirektion Wien). DVR: 0003506. Bankverbindung: FI48 7997 7997 7329 82, BIC: HOLVFIHH. Vorstand: Ludo A.F. Swinnen, Pavel Šubrt.

East meets West (EMW)
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